Overspray Protection

Commercial carpeting is designed to withstand significantly heavier usage than traditional carpeting. While it can be built with tougher fibers, stronger pile and more resilient padding, there is not much that can be part of the carpet to handle the additional dirt and grime that is carried onto the carpet by all of the foot traffic.

Why Overspray Protection

That is why many commercial carpet manufacturers add a layer of overspray to help protect the carpeting. This wears off over time, and once it is gone, it becomes substantially harder to maintain the carpet’s cleanliness.

That is why All Flood Services offers overspray protection to help you protect your investment.

What is Overspray Protection

Overspray protection bonds to the surfaces of each fiber. This makes traditional vacuuming more effective because instead of dirt and other pollutants intermeshing with the fibers of the carpet, the overspray protection forms a barrier layer, making it easier for a vacuum to remove it.

    This is just one of the benefits it provides. Some of the others include:
  • Stain prevention and clean up. As with conventional dirt, the overspray protection keeps any liquids that spill from soaking into the carpet fibers. Instead it causes the spill to bead up, making it quick and easy to wipe up without permanently staining the carpet. This will help prevent the need for professional stain removal, saving you money.
  • Healthier environment. By making the regular scheduled vacuuming more effective, it means fewer allergens will remain in the carpet. Many airborne allergens settle into the carpet and are disturbed by the foot traffic, aggravating peoples’ allergies and leading to more employees calling in sick and customers having the cancel appointments.
  • Appearance maintenance. The protective overspray reduces the wear and tear that the carpet suffers, which, in turn, helps the carpet retain its original color and appearance. By keeping its looks longer, it reduces the need for costly carpet replacement and extends the life of your investment.

As durable as overspray protection may be, the fact that commercial carpets see such an exaggerated amount of use means that it will eventually wear off. We recommend that a new coat be put on no less than at least once every two years.

Most of our clients will combine our commercial carpet cleaning service with our overspray protection, making sure that the effects of the cleaning last for as long as possible.

If your commercial carpet is starting to show its age and you want to explore ways to restore it to its former glory and make it last longer, contact us at All Flood Services.

Our staff will come over to examine your business and offer you an estimate based on the size of your carpet and the services you require.