House Cleaning

Even if were still possible to completely clean a house with just a broom, a dust rag, a mop and a broom, nobody in today’s busy world has the kind of time required to get it done.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Health and Wellbeing

People are sacrificing the health and wellbeing of themselves and their families without even knowing it. They want to have a clean house, but they rarely have the time, and when they do, they certainly do not have the energy. Professional house cleaning is not just something for the rich and famous.

It is a service that everyone can and should use, and All Flood Services has the team to do it right.

Science Has Moved Forward

Many people grew up watching their parents clean with harsh chemical agents, and few of these people realize how far science has moved forward when it comes to the materials that are available to use.

Our staff works with the latest tools and cleaning products, all of which are designed to be the most effective on dirt and grime while being the least intrusive on the environment of the house. We offer special services that take into account families with multiple pets as well, and we can adjust to whatever need each client has.

Establishing a Hygienic Situation

Our house cleaning service is not as simple as sending a person in with a duster and a mop either. Cleaning today is about establishing a hygienic situation to promote a healthy lifestyle among all family members. This includes working to eliminate all known allergens from floors, walls and other surfaces, and using high powered filtration vacuuming to pull any mold spores or other pollutants from the air.

Prevent Cross-Contamination

Science has had to keep moving forward with new ways to clean because home furnishings have constantly been using new synthetic materials in order to create furniture and décor that is both fashionable and affordable. Using the wrong cleaning agent on a particular item may actually result in a chemical reaction that causes immediate harm to you and everyone around you. Our team works with the latest advances to prevent these cross-contamination situations from occurring.

It Can Seem Overwhelming

Living our busy day to day lives makes it easy to let some things like properly cleaning our homes slide. By the time we notice how far we have let things go, it can seem too overwhelming and we do not know how to get back to a clean home.

That is where All Flood Services can be your best ally. We have the tools and the training to get your house, no matter how big or small, back to where you want it to be.

We offer one time service as well as long term contracts to help you maintain a healthy and happy home.