Carpet Repair and Installation

At All Flood Services, our goal is to provide services that are both the most effective as well as affordable for our clients. Many times, when it comes to damaged carpets, we have the ability to repair the carpet back to or better than its original condition. There are times, however, when damage from water or fire is so great that it is more beneficial and cost effective to remove and reinstall an affected carpet than it is to repair it.

Free Assessment

A far more common situation that people face is the prospect of replacing a carpet simply because they feel the carpet has been too worn down or faded with time and use. Many of the same skills required to repair a carpet that has suffered water and fire damage can be applied to making a used carpet as good as new. Regardless of the reason for the professionals to come visit, the assessment of the rug all begins the same way.

    Some of the signs that they are looking for include…
  • frayed and tearing seams
  • buckling and uneven surfaces
  • areas where the yarn is pulling
  • sections that have become discolored
  • signs of improper installation.

Once the assessment is complete, we can determine the best course of action. By properly addressing these situations, even when the only culprit is time, can result in a carpet that is restored properly, preventing future deterioration and the need for replacement, resulting in substantial savings for the client.

Extreme Situations

Even in situations where the damage may seem extreme – severe water damage resulting from being flooded for several hours, for instance – can be remedied by the advances made in carpet repair.

Modern Tools

All Flood Services have the modern tools that can effectively remove 100% of the water and moisture, which will allow their clients to continue to use the carpet and remove the worry of mold growth.

Proper Installation

In the event that the client and technician agree the best move forward is to start fresh with new carpet and padding, the professionals at All Flood Services can arrange for the new carpet to be installed properly. By working with the same people who are handling the rest of the repair services, including Rapid Drying and Mold Remediation, it will assure that the floor service has been properly treated and prepared for the new carpet and padding.

Most people do not think about the carpet until something happens to it or it might be time to replace it, yet it is the one part of every room we use more than anything else.

All Flood Services is dedicated to providing our clients the widest array of options to help meet their every need.